The first day of the 10-day smoothie challenge was a huge success for three reasons:

1) I actually made the smoothie amidst the morning chaos typical in my house. I debated making it while my husband and son were still sleeping, but decided not to risk waking them up with the blender.

2) It tasted really good with the pineapple thrown in, never tried that before.

3) Icing on the cake– my 1-year-old daughter Ella LOVED it. My 4-year-old son Zach, who is normally super-picky and won’t even try new foods, actually drank about 10 sips of the smoothie. I was ecstatic! : )

The fact that my kids liked it gives me a HUGE incentive to continue trying to drink it every day (and make it every other day… hopefully making enough to last for 2 days). My husband doesn’t really drink it, which is good because I don’t really make enough for him anyway. ; ) I would need a bigger blender, which I may get someday.

The stress factor was a little high today… but it was totally worth it to see my little guys drinking the smoothie too. I know it should be enough that I’m boosting my own health by drinking it, and it is.

Original Recipe:

My Variation:

Prep: 20 minutes (10 minutes pre-washing fruits and vegetables. 10 minutes blending).

-Fill a blender 3/4 with leafy romaine, 1/4 with kale, and 1 1/2 cups water, then blend.

-Cut the following into bite sized pieces and add: 1 green apple, 3-4 celery stalks, 1 pear, 1 cup pineapple, then blend.

-Squeeze in the juice of 1 large lemon, add a large ripe banana.

-Taste… add a drop or two of liquid stevia to taste if need.

Post-Challenge Review: I worried this challenge would be too hard to do in terms of the time commitment. Once I got my routine set, the prep was easy. I washed the greens and fruits the night before (5-10 minutes), then combined the ingredients in a blender the next morning (10 minutes). One blender would last us 2-3 days. I drank most of the smoothie myself.  I offered my kids 1/2 cup every other day or so and they would drink some. My husband has tasted it in the past and isn’t a fan.

I liked starting the morning with a smoothie (to be honest– after my morning coffee– have not given that up!) I felt energized and I started craving it after drinking it for a couple mornings. The smoothie became my morning meal. I would eat a late-breakfast or snack about an hour after having the smoothie, when I felt hungry. I hope to continue making the smoothie 2x a week (each blender lasts 2-3 days), as this seems like a realistic goal. As long as I planned ahead and had the ingredients on hand, making the smoothie was pretty easy to do. Adding different fruits and vegetables made it fun and interesting! I used our Kitchen Aid blender (Vitamix gets it ultra-smooth).


There I am with my GGS! The blender cups are great for GGS to go.